A new home

I went and started a new site, mediagirl.org, and figure I may as well be posting there. It's a more open site, utilizing Drupal CMS, which means blogs, articles, forums, etc. I'm still tinkering with the look and feel, but the bones are there. I hope you all will take a look.


Took a look at your blog. Which template are you using, and how hard is it to edit the additional stuff on the side? And if I change templates, will I lose what I ahve already posted?
Kenneth, there's a "feedback" link on the new site. If you have a question about the new site, why don't you ask it there?

(To answer your question, templates just read and format what's in your database. Your database does not change, so no, you don't lose what you've already posted.)

A month late, but hopefully this is helpful.

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