Pachinko election, continued

As the saga begins to unfold, it is my sincere hope that Republicans will recognize that potential election fraud is serious issue for all Americans. They would be well advised to recognize that any vote count rigging in the future could go against either party. To take a page from Republican rhetoric: Only people with something to hide would resist a transparent, open, comprehensive audit and evaluation of electronic voting machines.

Gating the internet?

Some people are concerned that Microsoft may be about to assert IP rights over the internet.. That means claims to TCP/IP, among over 100 alleged patents. That means, in theory, everyone using the internet would have to pay Microsoft a toll. Rather alarming, if true. Something to watch.


That's decidedly weird. TCP/IP predates the Microsoft Corporation itself by several years. I don't really wonder what else MS is going to assert claims to followed by being buried in prior art, because I have every confidence that we will find out soon enough.


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