A "better internet"

Something seems to have slipped under the outrage sensors of the active posters at Slashdot, where a post warning about international efforst to control the internet has received little response. The post cites an article by Vinton Cerf where he advocates an open forum of "public policy issues" relating to the internet.

Considering that the internet has provided the means for the most free speech the world has seen, I consider the prospect of governments allying with corporations to restrict and control the internet rather alarming. Already we're seeing AOL ads with people wanting to "make the internet better." Better how? More centralized control. Let's not forget that AOL could serve as something of a model for other ISPs. It's already starting in benign ways. For example, Earthlink is blocking websites that some people may find offensive.

How "family friendly" do we want the world wild web?


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"Freedom of the Press" means just that - - freedom. Does it make sense to create a world that is geared toward the lowest common denominator? Already in politics we have discourse geared toward Sesame Street.

"The people can't handle freedom." Says who? When the media is run by the few, they will decide what gets talked about and while they may have pure motives, they do not have complete understanding and insight into what views need to be explored.

A "popular" press will espouse "popular views" and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Who sets the agenda? Who applies the "filters." The last link in the filtering process is the individual.

The government that filters best is the one that filters least.

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