See Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan (D) on why people don't trust Bush

I believe the video speaks for itself.

The other "media girl" ;)

Creating a handle as pithy, original, distinctive and unique as media girl, I had to figure there'd be others out there. On blogspot, there's a media girl who made one or two posts and left it there, so I couldn't take that domain on blogger. I thought about going elsewhere, but I figured, heck, we're in the 21st century -- I could make a subdomain of a bunch of jibberish, it wouldn't matter since it's so easy to pass hyperlinks. It's not like I need to get a bunch of schmucks watching The Apprentice to remember the URL from a 30-second interstitial.

Anyway, having been up and actively linking and backtracking, I thought I'd ping a couple of search engines. And there I found....

DC Media Girl! I'm delighted to share this 'tudinal chick with you (although she probably has more web traffic). One little tidbit:

Truth be told, I simply don’t understand why Kerry is getting such a ration of grief FOR MAKING A TRUTHFUL OBSERVATION. The Cheneys have two daughters. One is gay. Excuse me, but who didn’t know that? It’s not as if the man outed her, for God’s sake. Mary Cheney did outreach to the gay community on behalf of the Coors company. She’s campaigning for her dad. She’s 35 years old, not a kid. So what’s the beef?

She also makes free use of the f-word. Though you don't see me using it (much) here, I appreciate that. Fuck is my favorite curse word.

British Army Infiltrated by Al-Qaeda

The Sunday Times - Britain reports:

THE Territorial Army has been infiltrated by Al-Qaeda suspects, giving the Islamic terrorist group potential access to military bases, explosives and fuel dumps.

Five Al-Qaeda suspects are believed to have trained as part-time soldiers with the TA. At least one is now in custody.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has confirmed that other terror suspects have attempted to join the TA, but says they were rejected after undergoing security checks.

The connection with Britain’s Al-Qaeda network was uncovered in a series of wide-ranging investigations by MI5 and Scotland Yard’s Special Branch.

It is believed the terrorist suspects may have been taking advantage of military training as well as gaining access to bases and weapons.

Patrick Mercer, the Tory homeland security spokesman and a former army officer, said Al-Qaeda terrorists could use TA passes to penetrate security at key MoD establishments such as the permanent joint headquarters at Northwood in Greater London.

“This could have very serious security implications. Clearly in the war against terror you need to know who your friends are. The last thing we want is the enemy masquerading as our own people,” Mercer said.

Meanwhile, the AP reports the US Army General in charge of Afganistan as saying he has no evidence Osama bin Laden is in day-to-day control of al-Qaeda but suggested the long-absent terrorist leader is alive.

Thanks to Jihad Watch for the heads-up on these stories.

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