You vote, the machine decides?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation's news blog, Deep Links, reports about malfunctioning machines in Texas and New Mexico:

We're hearing that voters in New Mexico and Texas are trying to cast ballots for one candidate but finding that the machine lights up for another. This is happening to people regardless of whom they're voting for; voters who want Bush are getting Kerry and vice versa. Predictably, election officials seem to be blaming voters, claiming that they must have accidentally touched the wrong part of the screen or brushed up against it with their sleeves. But we've witnessed demos of touchscreen e-voting machines, and the machines may have more to do with the problem than voting officials are willing to admit.

Deep Links links to local papers on this appalling story, but then rightly point out that, even if this proves to be voter error, "You shouldn't have to have a surgeon's touch to vote in America."

They urge people to Proof Your Vote. You're the only person who can proof your ballot. Make sure it's right.

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