Winds of Change

I just stumbled across this site, and found some very interesting and in-depth discussion about the presidential race and how people are taking it. In The No Vote, Cicero says:

It does make me wonder how this will turn out---not the election so much, but the political aftermath regardless of who wins. Because no matter who becomes the president, the divide within America will deepen. Bridges will fall. Turmoil will increase. And our enemies will take full advantage of it.

I wonder if a Kerry win really would lead to a more divided country. Make no mistake, I don't look to him as a savior. But I also don't see him resorting to the sort of divisive rhetoric the Bush Administration and the religious right have employed almost as a rule. Pragmatism does have its uses, and all but the most zealous fundamentalists see the uses of pragmatism, don't they?

I wonder if we're approaching burnout on all this hate invective coming from the right. It can't last. And people can't keep putting up with it. Does John Q. Conservative really give a hoot whether Walter and Bill can get married in Massachusetts?

Right now the "debate" has degenerated into lies and name-calling, and the mainstream media are complicit in this, refusing to stray from horserace coverage to cover any real issues. And you can be pretty sure they never will pull back the screen and reveal the truth behind the Wizard's impressive show.

Where's Toto when you need him?

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