The Regular | Hourly politics and news

There's this new site, The Regular | Hourly politics and news, where they have an interesting pulse on world events.

I posted a piece there, which we shall see if they opt to publish. Perhaps it's a bit too opinionated for them. Opinions with any grist seem to be taboo these days.

Three days after Jon Stewart dressed him down on Crossfire, Tucker Carlson's attempts to spin the encounter were exceptional only in that he acknowledged that an encounter over the ethics and approach of his own show actually took place. Only weeks after Dan Rather's belated apology over CBS's bungling, and the wholly unsatisfactory mea culpas over utterly non-critical war coverage from The New York Times and the Washington Post, one has to wonder: Will the mainstream Media ever realize that it is not only not truly serving the public interest, but actually might be working (deliberately or inadvertently) to undermine the foundations of our Republic?

The increasingly outspoken Bill Moyers asked last Fall, "So what do we do? What is our strategy for taking on what seems a hopeless fight for a media system that serves as effectively as it sells – one that holds all the institutions of society, itself included, accountable?" His question is to members of the media, and he tried to sound hopeful.

But what of us, the citizens? With multinational media conglomerates treating us as consumers to dupe into buying soap, while seemingly working in concert with a government that, with every passing day, seems to view the citizenry as a threat to its sovereignty, can the people do anything? Without the information they -- we -- need, will we ever wake up to the loss of our political will -- especially in this day of fear-mongering and simple-minded public discourse?

Will the people ever find allies in the mainstream Media? Or will the monkeys continue to screech until we tune out and escape further into Kazaa and first person shooters?

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