The New York Times endorses open source voting machines

It's really quite staggering. Anyone who has lived in New York knows that the Times is quite the establishment rag -- not quite the liberal rag conservatives like to call it. But here they've caught me (and perhaps a few others) by surprise. In the 10.24.2004 Editorial, the editors said:

Mandatory safeguards, including a paper trail, for electronic voting. Election officials like to say that electronic voting is as secure as it can be, but that is false. Nevada regulators, for example, impose far more stringent checks on slot machines than any state does on electronic voting. Congress should impose much more rigorous safeguards, including a requirement that all computer code be made public. It should require that all electronic machines produce a voter-verified paper trail.

Quite a statement coming from establishment media. Do we dare hope? This issue was batted around on Slashdot just a day ago, and there was a lot of skepticism there expressed by code warriors who questioned how open source code even could be audited fairly, or whether that would do anything for sneaky uploads, wireless interference techniques and other potential problems. Still, I trust the public more than I trust Katherine Harris.

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