Jon Stewart on Crossfire Follow-Up | The Regular

I thought Tucker Carlson was digging his own hole last Friday, going after Jon as if he were some party hack. In-your-face confrontation, shouting down your guest is not debate. It's not journalism. It just plays into the same old "he said, she said" nonsense that teaches us nothing.

(I showed my mother the stream of Friday's show, and she kept saying about Tucker: "He's so stupid!" My mother's one sharp gal.)

But I guess Tucker's own handwringing follow-up on Monday worked, because now we have iFilm calling Stewart's monologue on Monday "spin," and intelligent people suddenly scratching their chins, thinking that Jon Stewart should make his Comedy Central show -- ("The show is fake!") -- more hard-hitting news-wise.

I don't know. If you ask me, the silly pseudo-news he presents has more Truth than the manufactured product coming out of CNN. (Tonight's bit about the President's speech was hysterical. Let's not discuss the vindaloo, though.)

I just wish more people in media could, or would be willing to, say that the emperor has no clothes. When it comes to politics, we're getting sold a bill of goods. And our news sources are in on the deal.

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