"I would like to see the demographic and political breakdown of Kerry and Bush supporters, respectively."

This is the question everyone is asking, including molly h. in The Regular's "Submit a Question" section. I can't prove this, but I suspect the answer is, "Nobody really knows." Certainly nobody knows in the mainstream media, or if they do they're not telling. Looking at the big stories of the past few months, what networks reported and the quite astonishing images we saw from the streets, presented by the ever-stronger Democracy Now, were presentations of two different realities.

Now let's not overreach. The huge crowds of 500,000 protesters, massive arrests, aggressive police tactics, possible corporate collaboration against the protesters, FBI intimidation tactics, horrifying jail conditions for arrested protesters, felony charges for protesters hanging a banner, prostitutes for delegates and other things that happened in New York in just a couple weeks are not major concerns for your average American.

But how much are we seeing of the average American? These are examples from just one independent news organization on a major event in one city. Aren't these stories news? Why was all this activity glossed over by the mainstream media?

What kind of credibility does the mainstream media have these days? Can we expect the media to tell us what any real demographic breakdown might be in this election? Can we even expect them to be in touch with reality?

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