George Bush comes out worst in Economist poll of academic economists

It's pretty telling when economists, hardly known for liberalism, prefer a John Kerry administration. According to an Economist poll:

More than 70% of the 56 professors who responded to our survey rate Mr Bush's first-term economic policies as bad or very bad. Fewer than 20% give positive marks to Mr Bush's second-term economic agenda, and almost six out of ten disapproved. Mr Kerry hardly got rave reviews either, but his economic plan still fared better than the president's did. In all, four out of ten professors rated Mr Kerry's economic plan as good or very good, but 27% gave it negative scores.

[pdf of complete poll data]

The article goes on:

The broad condemnation of tax cuts seems to be linked to the professors' worries about America's fiscal health and the looming retirement of the baby-boom generation. Although Americans overall seem relatively unconcerned about the budget deficit, a large majority of the economists rate it as a serious problem for the economy, with almost one in five describing it as a crisis. And they back Mr Kerry by a large margin (79% to 18%) to do more to promote fiscal discipline than Mr Bush.

Okay, confession time: I quite possibly would be a Republican if it weren't for the religious right and social conservatives. I believe in a tight, well-run government. I believe that government should not interfere in the daily lives of its citizens. I believe that the right to privacy is very important. I believe in fiscal responsibility.

But now it seems the Republicans have dumped even that. Now they are fiscally reckless, and save their biggest rhetoric for socially conservative issues, government enforcement of religion, and a wildly militant foreign policy.

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