Bush strikes against women's health and equality

Columbia Tribune: U.S. declines to endorse women’s rights statement:

U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kelly Ryan wrote to organizers of the statement that that the United States was committed to the plan of action adopted at a 1994 U.N. conference in Cairo, Egypt, and "to the empowerment of women and the need to promote women’s fullest enjoyment of universal human rights. The United States is unable, however, to endorse the world leaders’ statement" because it "includes the concept of ‘sexual rights,’ a term that has no agreed definition in the international community."

Ryan did not elaborate on the Bush administration’s objections to the phrase "sexual rights," but at past U.N. meetings, U.S. representatives have spoken out against abortion, gay rights and what they see as the promotion of promiscuity by giving condoms to young people to prevent AIDS.

The question is: Did the President and his administration knuckle under to the Vatican? Or does he really believe that men and/or government own a woman's sexual parts?

Either way, I'm disgusted. This country could be doing so much good just by leading.

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