Bush Signs Corporate Tax Cut -- I'm rich!

Nothing like hitting the jackpot!Oh my, I can hardly wait! Now my small business can reap huge rewards and stimulate the economy!!

What's that? I have to be profitable to see any gain? How the heck am I supposed to do that in this economy?!

Looks like the big corps weren't too impressed with Bush's economy either. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 107 today. Actually, if you look at these trends, you will see the DJIA popped up when Kerry got a boost, and the market dropped when Bush did. Look at the graphs. I'm not making this up! The correlation is there. One thing nobody talks about is how the current lagging economy started around when Bush won the court decision and was appointed president.

As for causation, I don't know. But it certainly could be concluded from the NYSE figures that the business sector really doesn't feel good about Bush.

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