Big Hairy Monsters Unite!

Just when HBO is puckering up to retain control over its contents, the NY Times reports a CNet News feed: Web Radio Gets $1.7 Billion Boost. They're going kicking and screaming, but the various parties in the music industry are starting to sort out how to function in this new online economy.

Still, it's not all smooth sailing yet:

Beyond programming royalties, a number of parties, including consumer groups, electronics companies and record labels, are squaring off in an effort to establish antipiracy standards for digital radio networks. In that debate, the RIAA has asked the Federal Communications Commission for legislation that would prevent listeners from archiving songs downloaded via the Web without paying for them--and from trading recorded songs online.

Have you ever seen War of the Gargantuas? [Rotten Tomatoes] [Stomp Tokyo] Two big ugly hairy monsters fight each other, wrecking much of Tokyo in the process. In the movie, the brown gargantua is good and the green one is bad. Given the age, it could be cheesy metaphor for the Cold War. But now it's a metaphor for the monstrous international conglomerates and big money interests fighting each other, stomping us in the process.

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