Yahoo! News - Fox dousing doc

Yahoo! News carrying Variety: Fox dousing doc

Do I dare hope that people are starting to wake up? A year ago, a private little doc about Fox News Channel would not have gotten any notice in the press. And now AP and Variety both run articles on a private little screening of the film.

Shocking news: Fox is biased!

This just in: Bill O'Reilly is an obnoxious idiot!

Extra Extra: Fox editors set Bush cheerleading policy!

I've never been able to watch more than two minutes of Fox News, what with they way they pretend that war is nothing but a delightful patriotic exercise, the way they sneer at anyone who dares to criticize the actions of the government. But doesn't it seem like all the other media are doing a lot of the same thing? Who but the News Hour puts up pictorial memorials of all the US soldiers killed in combat? Who mentions anything about Iraqi civilians killed? Who offers anything but the video-game shooting war and administration polemics?

Fahrenheit 9/11 had its highlights and lowlights, but one of the most shocking and horrifying segments of that film was the footage with the troops in Iraq. The doubts they express. The adolescent pimples on their faces. And how they blast their goth rock during offensives, like Colonel Kilgore in Apocalypse Now. The only way these kids can cope, it seems, is by checking out, dehumanizing the "enemy" and blasting away.

Of course, that's what war is about, and that is what an army is supposed to do, right? I do not blame them. I blame the president for putting them there, for giving them a mission that does not fit their abilities. Frankly, I'm surprised that anyone is surprised that the war has become such a mess.

And to see corporate America supporting the war with jingoistic propaganda makes my stomach turn. It's about time people like Moore and Greenwald are finding their voices heard. I fear, however, that the time may not be so far away when even popular, well-funded voices of dissidence will be quashed, as certain Republicans tried to do to Moore. In his case, money talked, and with over $80 million in box office so far, the gambit paid off. But what about next time? As mega-corporations -- most with the bulk of their investments in foreign lands -- buy up American television stations, radio networks, newspapers, cable networks and so on, where will the independent voice turn?

What happens when these conglomerates buy up the portals on the web and censor search engines? What happens when ISPs start blocking access to non-sanctioned sites? "It can't happen here," you say? I say read Sinclair Lewis' book of that title and tell me the fascists in that tale don't sound just like today's politicians.

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