Rational Commentary

It's interesting, seeing what other bloggers do. I found some great stuff just with some random clicks on the fresh list blogspot to helpfully offers from its homepage. (Why is there no greater directory? Or is there one and I just have not yet found it?)

One site I find fascinating, if a little aggravating, is Rational Commentary. On the one hand, there are some well-phrased entries. But on the other hand, most of the blog is really just links to other pages, and on a dial-up I can tell you that a hyperlink is an invitation to take a coffee break or go pee. As I look at it now, the top entry is titled "Reading code is hard." Well so is reading hyperlinked thoughts. I will keep my bookmark for a while and see what develops, though. It sure beats reading about someone's adventures removing cat vomit stains. (Been there, done that, don't need to read about it!)


This will take some getting used to, ranting freely. I feel a bit embarrassed right now.

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