If you can't see "Fahrenheit 9/11"

There is plenty to view online at BushFlash.com. I like to pop in her every now and then just to buzz a little. The site is maybe a bit strident, but heck, this president makes me feel strident! The first one I saw was Grand Theft America, which goes down the line as to what went wrong in Florida -- and I don't mean wrong because the wrong guy got elected (even though he was), but wrong because the system was jimmied and slammed and ended up breaking down.

Supposedly morally righteous people were outraged over Clinton's affair with Monica. But looking back, that just pales in comparison to Bush's bungling of the "war on terror."

Does anyone remember when the entire world was lighting candles for us, for those whose lives were taken in 9/11? Does anyone remember the goodwill when America went directly after the perpetrators in Afghanistan? What happened there? Before the job was done -- maybe before the job was even started -- all attention went to Iraq. And then the snow jobs began.

Can you tell I am disgusted?

Did anyone notice when, for the first time in history, America went into a first strike nuclear stance on Bush's order?

I'm not just disgusted. I am scared.

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